Waaay back on the plains of Amdo
Waaay back on the plains of Amdo

This site has been around since before the millennium, previously as Dang Zang, and before that simply as chagchen.org. The internet has changed since then, hasn’t it?

Before Google, a list of interesting websites you got from a friend was a valuable resource, but the number of websites has mushroomed – and so has has the rate they come and go. A mere human can no longer keep track, even in a small niche.

Although… see the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, which I just came across.

So a rethink is underway. I’ve just left a few blog posts that have drawn attention in the past – the one about euthanasia, for example, still gets looked at a lot. They are under “Old blog”.

“Quick guides” now has its first page on some good (and bad) reasons for becoming a buddhist. People do want to know how to become a Buddhist, or how to BE a Buddhist for that matter, so a page on words to know to bluff your way as a total beginner is coming soon.

“Articles” and “Gallery” are still just temporary stubs – bear with, bear with!