Vajrayogini temple, Pharping
Vajrayogini temple, Pharping. Not in the snow, but pretty, eh?

Note: this website will close soon, probably by the summer of 2022. In the remote event that there are things here that interest you, now is the time to look, copy or download as appropriate.


Having tried for quite a lot of years1 to study Buddhism and to practice it in a European version of the Tibetan style, I am no more of a saint than I am a scholar, but I’ve picked up a bit of perspective, and that’s what I hope to offer on this site.

Back BG (Before Google), a list of interesting websites you got from a friend was a valuable resource, but the number of websites has mushroomed – and so has has the rate they come and go. A mere amateur human can no longer keep track, even in a small niche. So I no longer even attempt to maintain the curated list of links that once existed on earlier versions of this site ( and DangZang). Although… see the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, where you can indeed find a properly curated list.

I have retained a few old yet still popular blog posts from obsolete versions of the site – the one about euthanasia, for example, still gets looked at a lot.

“Articles” has a few pages that are a little longer than typical blog posts: you’ll see their titles on the menu.

The Picture alcove is a small and rather personal scrapbook. Again, search engines will supply you with vast numbers of pictures if that is what you are after.

Lastly – please comment! I do spend some time on Facebook, but, like other social media, FB seems to be designed for likes, shares and distraction, but not for following any particular thought. As more of us grow tired of Facebook, I have a feeling that simple blogs like this may become more popular again. At the moment there are no restrictions on posting, and no approval is required. That may change at any time, for obvious reasons.

  1. If you want to check it out, go to About the author from the menu