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"Dang Zang" is an empty name. The blog has to do with the dharma; material related to Buddhist teachings (Tibetan style in particular, Kagyu in even more particular), meditation, gurus and lamas be they genuine or flaky, books and events. I do have a more personal blog, Pica Pica, and a site for my work.

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    I’m not a great fan of Facebook, but it’s hard to get away from it. It’s also just a fact that what Facebook does is to a large extent what at first had this blog for: to make it relatively easy for people to keep in touch and know what’s going on. Not having spent very […]
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    So Jeremy Hunt thinks (Guardian) that a hefty reduction in the incomes of low earners will encourage them to work hard, like the Chinese, and give them self-respect. He says that ““It matters if you are earning that yourself, because if you are earning it yourself you are independent and that is the first step […]
  • Italian engineering 27/03/2015
    There’s nothing like an urge to rant to get one blogging! Last October (2014) we had a fire in the roof, started by the chimney that was not insulated from the roof timber. We got off lightly, as the Fire Brigade were here very fast and cut the smouldering timbers out of the roof with […]
  • Is the SIAE as bad as they say – Part 2? 06/08/2014
    So far, in spite of a repeated inquiry, the SIAE have failed to reply. Simona, manager of the “venue” has not been given the money back, although there is some vague talk (that I don’t understand) about offsetting the mistaken payment against future events. I have therefore written yet again, pointing out that
Monday April 27th, 2015. Posted by Alex W:

Message from The Gyalwang Karmapa Concerning the Recent Earthquake

Today, in the morning of the 25th of April, in Nepal, the land where Lord Buddha was born, there occurred a devastating earthquake. Many thousands of people have been killed or injured, and historic buildings and private homes have been turned into ruins. As soon as I learned of this painful and distressing situation, I made my deepest aspiration prayers and dedications for all the people affected, and continue to do so. Especially at times when we are faced with such a desperate situation, we cannot sit idle, unfeelingly. We must join forces and carry the burden of sorrow together. It is important that each one of us light the lamp of courage. Additionally, it is important that each of the Karma Kagyu monasteries in Nepal, while looking after their own pressing needs for immediate protection, also extend any and all aid and protection they can to the public in their surrounding communities. From my own side, I will make every effort to come personally in the near future to offer my solace and support as well.

Image equake HHK

For those who feel they want to provide help – and in these circumstances, plain old money is one of the best ways – may want to do so through an organisation with a track record in the area. One such is ROKPA International.

Friday February 20th, 2015. Posted by Alex W:

A beautiful picture of Karma Pakshi

Like many blogs, social media have weakened this one. But, even for the Buddhist, things are so annoyingly ephemeral there. Haven’t you had the experience where you see something interesting on Facebook, and 12 minutes later you want to look at it again and it is lost in the blizzard of *stuff*? So that’s why I have come back to the blog for this.

Karma Pakshi has been an important practice for me since the late 70s, and is my main practice these days. Recently I was looking around for a better picture – the one I had, which I bought from Samye Ling “back then”, had become very faded. I looked around on the net to find a nice one, and one that I particularly liked was published by Palpung Changchub Dargyeling in South Wales. Iconographically, it appears to be very good, with correct details that you don’t always see. But there was one bizarre strangeness about it, and one thing that I felt wasn’t quite right. Firstly, the “chojung” on or in which he sits, usually represented as two crossed triangles, is red on the inside and white on the outside (a fairly standard colouring), and this is shown iconographically by a red triangle with a white rim. The artist, however, had got carried away by his or her paintbox, and painted the edge a vivid blue. Without going into detail, this is not something you can arbitrarily change. The smaller point is that Mahakala’s knife, which is made of copper, was also painted in a blueish colour more suggestive of steel.

For my own purposes I made a copy and worked on it digitally to turn the blue edge white and the blade of the knife a brownish colour. The people at the centre have given me permission to publish it here, in case anybody else would like to use it.

Karma Pakshi Mandala

Isn’t it nice?

Wednesday October 9th, 2013. Posted by Alex W:

Akong Rinpoche – shock is the only word

Any of my friends who are interested in this will doubtless already know that Akong Rinpoche was killed, along with two others, in Chengdu yesterday.

Word went out yesterday afternoon that it was an “assassination”, but other stories suggested natural causes. The very few facts that have emerged so far seem rather to suggest that “murder” would be the right word to use. But it would be foolish to say that we know at this stage what has happened.

I have nothing to add. I met Rinpoche only two or three times over the years, but did receive an empowerment for 1000-armed Chenrezi from him some years ago in Cork. I was essentially aware of how tirelessly he had worked not only for the Dharma, but also on a wide range of more “general” humanitarian causes, and done so without seeming to seek much by way of fame or recognition.  In one brief conversation I had with him I recall him saying “It’s nothing – it’s my job.”

He will be missed.

Some of the reports below have missed the rather obvious point that it is many, many years since he was a monk!






Friday May 31st, 2013. Posted by Alex W:

Dalai acceptable as arbitrator in Karmapa dispute

How odd. It’s in the Times of India

A flash in the pan, or is there something going on?

Thursday March 21st, 2013. Posted by Alex W:

Old colour film of Tibet

This has been around for a couple of years, but I only just came across it. It’s really rather good, if you like this kind of thing:

The Lost World of Tibet

Wednesday January 30th, 2013. Posted by Alex W:

A Losar card for the virtual mantlepiece

Year of Snake 2013 email card

Thursday January 3rd, 2013. Posted by Alex W:

Ringu Tulku’s Heartfelt Prayers for the New Year 2013

In this misty morning
Under the Bodhi tree
We all sit close together
And pray for universal well-being.

My mind goes to my loved ones
Who have passed away.
I never cease to miss them.
May they find their way to peace.

My mind also goes to those Tibetans
Who have burnt themselves alive
Without hatred and violence
Calling for justice in Tibet.

I do not know if it helps Tibet
But I need to support them
As I am still a human being
And they have so much trust in humanity.

I pray that there will be kindness
In each and every heart
And we are all able to express that
Without fear of any kind.

May the Year of 2013
Be a year of new beginnings.
May we act with wisdom
And may we think with compassion.

Ringu Tulku