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Buddhist or new age feelgood?

Recently seen on Facebook, a self-described Buddhist (New Mexico version of a Shaolin monk, but married, if you can figure that out), who chooses to believe that “we are all eternally spiritually connected beings as the universe in the process of manifesting love, health and compassion”.

Compassion, as a poster mentioned, is of course a good thing, but generally this is the downright opposite of everything conventional Buddhists are taught to understand.

The universe we live in is on fire – this is one of the first teachings that the Buddha gave. It’s a slaughterhouse. The earth we walk is a graveyard. War, murder, torture, plague, famine, cruelty, failure, disappointment. These are the threads of which our lives are woven. It’s a mad merry-go-round, a fairground waltzer, driven by the engine of hatred, grasping and stupidity. According to the Buddha we can get off, but otherwise it’s round and round, up and down from time without beginning until time without end.

Anyone can see most of that for themselves. Getting off is the Buddhist bit.

It would be lovely if everything was getting better and better, nicer and nicer, healthier and healthier all the time on an upward spiral to the eternal sunshine of God’s heaven, which is somehow supposed to make up for all the shit that it comes from. But the evidence is against it.

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