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Wolves’ playground?

In theory I should have more important, “spiritual” things I should have been thinking about, but that’s not what got me excited enough to write this post.

The weather being good, and as I had some spare time, I walked up to a somewhat forsaken spot under a bridge this afternoon to practice Thröma’s Laughter and the Concise Feast. Cool, eh?

As I settled down I noticed that in the rough and sometimes silty sand around me, there were dozens and dozens of canine pawprints. Ordinarily, I would have been a bit surprised, seeing as how this spot really is out of the way. The occasional holidaymaking dog-walker might just get here in the summer, but otherwise I would guess it does not see a human visitation from one end of the month to the other. I could not see any human footprints. Hunting dogs are another possibility, but they don’t just wander generally around the countryside, and if they were here at all they would be more likely to pass through than leave a huge number of prints in a small space. Bearing in mind the size, the location and, above all, the fact that a wolf was photographed only a couple of hundred yards from here a week or two ago, there is every chance that I was practising in the middle of some kind of wolves’ playground!

Not being a skilled wildlife photographer, my attempts to snap these prints with the mobile were not very successful, but here is the best:


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