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The need to stay near my ensuite facilities was getting less, but by now the whole business had made me very, very tired. So although I woke up as early as usual, I did not feel like facing the hubbub around the stupa until after breakfast, when I crept down to do a bit of quiet practice. As I left in the direction of the espresso bar – this would have been about 9 o’clock – I saw Marisa and Julien, yet again, doing some prostrations down in the devotees’ board area.


The boards at a quiet time


Marisa had several times said that she wanted to do some practice in that special zone before leaving. They seemed to be very focused, so as I passed behind them I spoke quite loudly.

“You won’t get given a cup of tea or a bun if this is the sort of time you think you should turn up to practice!” I like to encourage people!

Perhaps I was looking more vibrant than I felt, because as I sat drinking the espresso, Sonam with the sunshine smile who runs the Friendship Café next door came out. Seeing me, she said, “You know, sir, you look very awesome in your big black hat!” I get told that kind of thing quite rarely, so I had to mention it.

I’d been resisting the “motility-limiting” medicines, Imodium and the like – your body wants the toxins out. But I was getting fed up with the problem, and the time to visit at least some of the places left on my wish-list was shrinking. So I went out onto the main road and bought some little yellow pills – I could google the active ingredient before taking them. After a bowl of chips and some more Coca-Cola, I went back to the guesthouse and saw that the little yellow pills contained loperamide, the active ingredient in Imodium itself. I also saw that the dose the pharmacist had recommended was actually quite modest, so I took one.

The rest of the day comprised nothing more than an afternoon nap, a slice of toast, some soda, and finally a glass of wine in the Friendship, where I met more delightful people I didn’t know before.

And then back to bed. I’d been out and about for about three hours.


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