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This diary is not meant to be especially creative. It’s just an attempt to give you a taste of “what I did on my holidays” in April 2017. There are, after all, bookshops, and there is the net. People with enormous lenses on enormous cameras, or with Go-Pros strapped to their heads, have tramped around Nepal taking thousands of pictures and writing it all up for you. Some of the results are very good, and I cannot hold a candle to them. Me, I’m just trying to reflect the experience of one ordinary person.

And what did I do on that holiday? Why, fly to Kathmandu for two weeks of course. I had been before, though not for 20 years. That was for special events: the enthronement of Dilgo Khyentse’s Yangsi in 1997; teachings from Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso earlier in the 1990s. This time I was simply going to see what could be seen, as a tourist or maybe as a pilgrim. Who cares which? I’ve been what we call a “Tibetan” Buddhist for more than 40 years (although I’m as English as they come), so I had expected, in 1992, to be thrilled and inspired when I had a chance travel to Tibet – and I was. Surprisingly, however, it was Kathmandu, the special sites in the Kathmandu Valley, and above all the great stupa at Baudha, the Jarung Khashor, that were calling me back to Central Asia.


Jarung Khashor, the Great Stupa


The diary is full of more-or-less technical words, references to famous teachers, teachings and ideas. Frankly, I haven’t got time to explain them – I’m not trying to write a book! In addition to which, as you must be reading this on the net, your favourite search engine is just a click away.

Chapters are one day at a time, so that your browser doesn’t have too much downloading to do at once.

I hope you enjoy the trip – let’s go!

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