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"Dang Zang" is an empty name. The blog has to do with the dharma; material related to Buddhist teachings (Tibetan style in particular, Kagyu in even more particular), meditation, gurus and lamas be they genuine or flaky, books and events. I do have a more personal blog, Pica Pica, and a site for my work.

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Tuesday April 14th, 2009. Posted by Alex:

Stupa again

This picture may not be as in-yer-face as those posted below, but it is really interesting. The pictures were taken by a good old friend and dharma-buddy of mine, Dave Lawson, who has done a lot of work as a professional photographer; these are from his early travelling days. The first one is of a stupa in the Swat Valley, Pakistan, close to where Guru Rinpoche is thought to have come from. Dave took this picture in the early 1970’s and thinks that it has probably been smashed down by now, as have the Buddhas in Bamyian (Afghanistan) – he took those two pictures, below, at about the same time.

Dave says that the shots are of poor quality as they were taken with a half frame camera, but points out that this is a panorama that can no longer be taken.

The single Buddha is the larger one on the left of the panorama.

As usual, don’t forget you can see more detail if you click the pictures.

Dave has just sent this view, again one that can not be taken now, looking back over the valley from the top of the head of the Buddha. He says he got sick afterwards, and I think blames it on the disrespectful act of standing there. But now that’s definitely balanced out, I think, as we can all see this glimpse from the past.

Wednesday April 8th, 2009. Posted by Alex:

Two more fun stupas

The first one is from the net, source unknown, please tell me if you have copyright:

That is fun, isn’t it? Don’t forget you can click for a more detailed view.

The other one is at Benchen in Kham – my copyright this time! Photographed in 1992:

Tuesday March 17th, 2009. Posted by Alex:

Stupa with wow factor!

It’s time to be cheerful. I came across this picture of a stupa in, I think, eastern Tibet: