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Mindful Buddha

Is mindfulness a secular form of Buddhism?

Is the mindfulness meditation that has become popular in recent years a form of Buddhism in disguise? A good question, although some might deny it hotly. Some of these movements claim to be fully secularized, perhaps to have “abandoned the cultural baggage” of Buddhism. All the same, they often still enjoy the cachet of having …

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Moment from old digital "Om Mani Peme Hum"

An old, spinning, digital mani-wheel

I stumbled across this clip on youtube. The musical style is typically westernised Chinese, but I do have a special soft spot for the clip, since the highly pixellated version of the rotating mantra at the beginning (from 9 seconds through to about 25 seconds) has been lifted from a DOS (yes!) graphic I wrote …

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Old colour film of Tibet

This has been around for several years, but I only just came across it. It’s really rather good, if you like this kind of thing. Image quality is not great, but it wouldn’t be, would it? The Lost World of Tibet

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