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Chöd: exorcism? House blessing?

I performed the chöd “concise feast” in the dark, lower levels of a newly-bought house in Pontremoli, dating back a large but unknown number of centuries. Not known to be haunted, but the new owners do seem to like that the practice was done there!

The practice of chöd is not really an exorcism. Rather is it an acknowledgement of the karmic debts we owe to uncountable sentient beings who have cared for, worked for and died for us since beginningless time. We call them to the feast, where we offer ourselves to them. In that way they are satisfied and pacified.

The understanding is that “external” demons only get their power from our internal demons – willful stupidity, hatred, grasping, egotistical pride and jealousy. The demons dissolve as we recognize that inner and outer are two sides of the same magical show. Hence its occasional use as an exorcism.

Sogyal, abuse, and how it’s going

As far as I know the writers of the now-famous letter are not pushing for charges to be brought against Sogyal Lakar, which is a shame because without a court case it is going to be much easier for the whole thing to be brushed under the carpet within a year or so.

Sogyal at lunch
Sogyal at lunch – thanks to the article in the Telegraph

Valuable views are, however, being exchanged, and I recommend this article as a clear statement of where we are in late October 2017:

As I understand it, however, the police in Montpellier are carrying out an investigation, so something may come of it.

Is mindfulness a secular form of Buddhism?

Mindful Buddha

Is the mindfulness meditation that has become popular in recent years a form of Buddhism in disguise?

A good question, although some might deny it hotly. Some of these movements claim to be fully secularized, perhaps to have “abandoned the cultural baggage” of Buddhism. All the same, they often still enjoy the cachet of having roots in the mysterious Orient, so the question remains a fair one.

From the traditional point of view, the answer is surely a clear Read more