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Jamgon Kongtrul

Disease is karmic – or not?

I’ve touched on this before, but just came across Jamgon Kongtrul’s list of four main types of disease: Imaginary, like demonic posession Suddenly occurring diseases (no long run-up) Serious diseases that shorten life Diseases dependent on past actions Once again, karma is seen as one possible cause of disease, but there are plenty of other …

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Happy Losar 2018

Happy Losar

Happy Losar (new year) of the Earth Dog, Feb 16 2018, to everyone near and far. (That’s in the three times and the ten directions, so to speak.) I’m late with this! I just didn’t get time yesterday – sorry. But I did get round to tidying up the shrine. I’ve been polishing up some …

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Something positive

With all the talk, revelations and realizations about those teachers and lamas of Tibetan Buddhism who are corrupt and abusive, it’s good to remember from time to time that – even though they are depressingly common – the bad ones are far from the whole of the tradition. So here’s a link about someone working …

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Chöd: exorcism? House blessing?

I performed the chöd “concise feast” in the dark, lower levels of a newly-bought house in Pontremoli, dating back a large but unknown number of centuries. Not known to be haunted, but the new owners do seem to like that the practice was done there! The practice of chöd is not really an exorcism. Rather …

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