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Sogyal Lakar’s rise and fall

I just read Mary Finnigan’s and Rob Hogendoorn’s book on rise and fall of Sogyal Lakar: I wrote this review at Amazon, which I hope will soon be visible: This book is well worth a read by anyone involved in or interested in any spiritual movement. It includes an almost forensic – yet very readable …

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45 years

45 years ago today since I officially took refuge. I got this mala at the same time, though it was totally plain then. “Aye, lad, ‘appen as ‘ow there’s bin a bit o’ muttering gone down on them beads since ’74.”

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Miracles and Signs

Warning: some woo-woo content. I can’t get away from a sneaky feeling that miracles sometimes do actually happen. And it has been said before that real miracles are often things that could or would have happened anyway. The question always is: of all the things that could have happened, why this particular one? At this …

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Chöd with a straight bat

(For clarity – the picture above is just one I found on the net. I don’t know who it is, or whose the picture is.) Soglio. Almost impossible to find on the map, and, as you can see, even the signpost has fallen on very hard times. But it’s this track-junction that is relevant to …

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