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Yuthok Nyingtig and Chöd

Living as I now do in the rural centre/north of Italy has many benefits. I have  recently, for instance, set up a lhakhang (shrine room, if you will). It is perhaps more reminiscent of a cave than a mountain-top hermitage, but it is cosy, and it is a place where I can ring bells, bang drums and make somewhat trumpeting sounds without disturbing anybody!

All the same, I do sometimes miss having a community of other practitioners to meet from time to time or even practice together on occasion. So it was particularly nice to find out how kind, serious, and welcoming the people associated with Sorig Khang are here.

I was able to attend a few days teaching, just outside Pisa, on the chöd practice that is part of the “preliminaries” or “foundations” of the Yuthok Nyingtig cycle of teaching. Most of the other students there had done this particular practice “merely” as a quick chant as part of their regular foundation practice, but the idea here was to approach it with proper melodies, drums, bells and kangling (“leg-trumpet”). And possibly with a bit of dance, too!
One might be tempted to think that this is simple, and in one sense it is, but getting it right is truly quite an art.

The teacher was Dr Tenzin Yangdon, who was not only patient enough to take us through our first steps in the details we were trying to learn, but, as a person, was also a wonderful example. The sense of genuine compassion and devotion that shone from her was almost palpable. I had not myself previously received the “lung” (reading transmission) for these preliminaries, and was very happy that Tenzin was able to give me that. The ceremony was simple, but powerful, and I’m very happy to be able to say that she is now one of my lamas.

Learning the chöd from the Yuthok Nyingtig with Dr Tenzin Yangdon and dog


Smile with Dr Tenzin
Smile with Dr Tenzin