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HHDL says Sogyal disgraced
HHDL says Sogyal disgraced

Dalai Lama: Sogyal is disgraced

I’m not writing many snippets these days, but this has been such a long time coming.

It’s not as if the Dalai Lama has any formal power to pass judgement, impose sanctions or anything of that sort. But his influence is so enormous in the Tibetan Buddhist field that for him to say nothing can easily look like tacit support. So now to say that Sogyal is “disgraced” will have a huge impact on perceptions.

Our sympathy must go out in the first place to the victims, of course. But it must also go very much to the large, large number of good, kind, devoted students (I’ve met a few) who have invested heart and soul — and money, often enough — in Sogyal’s organization, and who must now feel utterly let down.

It’s a real bummer.


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