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"Dang Zang" is an empty name. The blog has to do with the dharma; material related to Buddhist teachings (Tibetan style in particular, Kagyu in even more particular), meditation, gurus and lamas be they genuine or flaky, books and events. I do have a more personal blog, Pica Pica, and a site for my work.

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Friday November 4th, 2016. Posted by Alex W:

Retiring blog?

This blog has been around for between 15 and 20 years – I can’t quite remember when I first started it, but it was before the millennium. It hardly needs saying that the internet has changed since then.

There was a time, long before Google became what it is today, when a list of interesting websites obtained from a friend was a valuable resource – many blogs had carefully curated lists of trusted, relevant and interesting “friend” sites. People would look at these lists and explore them. The number of websites relevant to any given topic has mushroomed, and I rather doubt if even making it a full-time occupation would be enough to keep track. Nowadays you just search for what you are interested in, and under the rule of “buyer beware” try to see how valuable any given search result is.

Although my commitment to practice and study of the Dharma is pretty much the same as ever, I don’t, for a variety of reasons, have my “ear to the ground” like I did 20 years ago. So being a “net-savvy” Buddhist is no longer particularly valuable, and I am no more “in the know” than anyone else with access to the internet.

Neither do I see any great value in publishing “musings”, reflections or writings here. Other people can do that better.

I am therefore very strongly thinking of closing this blog. If, by some remote chance, anyone thought there was something here that they wanted to take a copy of, you’d perhaps better do it soon. I’m not setting a fixed timetable for this, but the blog may well not last much into 2017.



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