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Wednesday October 9th, 2013. Posted by Alex W:

Akong Rinpoche – shock is the only word

Any of my friends who are interested in this will doubtless already know that Akong Rinpoche was killed, along with two others, in Chengdu yesterday.

Word went out yesterday afternoon that it was an “assassination”, but other stories suggested natural causes. The very few facts that have emerged so far seem rather to suggest that “murder” would be the right word to use. But it would be foolish to say that we know at this stage what has happened.

I have nothing to add. I met Rinpoche only two or three times over the years, but did receive an empowerment for 1000-armed Chenrezi from him some years ago in Cork. I was essentially aware of how tirelessly he had worked not only for the Dharma, but also on a wide range of more “general” humanitarian causes, and done so without seeming to seek much by way of fame or recognition.  In one brief conversation I had with him I recall him saying “It’s nothing – it’s my job.”

He will be missed.

Some of the reports below have missed the rather obvious point that it is many, many years since he was a monk!






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