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Friday July 10th, 2009. Posted by Alex W:

More on Benchen

The comment from Tashi to my last post includes this link to pictures of a trip to Benchen in 2005 that I enjoyed so much I thought I’d “elevate” it to mention in a front-page post. (Correction: the link doesn’t seem to work, but if you go to http://www.benchen.org.pl/ and look through the gallery, you’ll find them easily enough.)

Interestingly, the Polish site includes pictures of the Chime Rinpoche of Benchen. I include below a picture including a stupa containing relics of his previous incarnation. I should make it clear that when I referred in the previous post to “Chime Rinpoche”, I was actually thinking of my first teacher, known in the West by his personal name of Chime, but more properly called the Radha Lama or Chime Radha Rinpoche. He is also from Benchen, but the commonality of name is a coincidence. Getting confused about this has been known to upset a few people in the past, and some odd stories (that I need not repeat) went round. But in fact both lamas are entirely genuine, both are connected to Benchen – they are just two different people.

Tashi’s friend’s pictures are far better than anything I ever took, and it looks like they had a great trip. For contrast, here are a few from 1992:

Chime (Radha) Rinpoche on the verandah at Benchen

Chime (Radha) Rinpoche on the verandah at Benchen


Me at the stupas - the one on the right is the "other" Chime's stupa

Me at the stupas - the one on the right is the "other" Chime's stupa


The plains of Amdo are wide open!

The plains of Amdo are wide open!

1 comment to More on Benchen

  • terry evans

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for photos of Benchen, I never made it there in the end. There is a panoramic picture in the office at Marpa I think which always reminded me of Wales.
    Interesting what you said about the two Chimes. I stayed at Benchen (Kathmandu) with my son in 2000 and attented Tenga Rinpoches teachings, Chime Rinpoche always said in the early days that if he died we should go to Tenga Rinpoche. I remember getting mahamudra teachings from him in London before moving to Wales and have very happy memories of sitting on the roof at Benchen with tea, cake, beaming Rinpoche and students after a Green Tara empowerment.
    Anyway I introduced myself to him at Benchen as a student of Chime Rinpoche and got a very strange look as he hurried on! Later when I explained that I meant Chime London all was well and the doors opened so to speak. I last saw him at the Kagyu Monlam a couple of years ago and he looked very frail, I was there with Ringu Tulku and students on a pilgrimage, happy days.
    Anyway if you ever reprint ‘Benchen and Back’ the beautiful photo of Benchen would maker a fine addition!
    Hope all is well,

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